Monday, 29 June 2015

Ljubljana Part Two // Slovenian Adventure

Following our morning walking tour, Bex and I decided to make the steep descent to Ljubljana Castle.
The castle sits a top a hill over looking the city. It is really quite a magnificent sit to see such a structure perched atop a hill in the centre of a capital city. It is certainly a world away from the main high rise tourist attractions of London such as the shard!

The Game of Thrones fanatic inside of me was delighted to be in a real life castle. I felt a little like I was in a scene from the show!

We explored the grounds and found the perfect viewing platform to see across the city.

We headed back down the steep climb, which consisted of a slope which made you feel like you were about to topple backwards, or run into a full sprint forwards! Back on flat ground, we searched out some gelato to cool us down. I went for yoghurt with black cherry running through, and it was sensational.

After nipping back to our hostel to shower and beautify, we pulled up a table at one of the main river side bars for a pre-dinner drink and a few rounds of card games.

After a refreshing glass of wine (which is sensationally cheap, great for any vino drinkers!), we went on the look out for our chosen dinner destination, a little falafel shop, called, wait for it, Falafel! Admittedly, I am a HUGE falafel fan, with my favourite place to grab some being Bakchich in Liverpool, but I feel this place rivalled my go-to Bold Street restaurant. The staff make the falafel right in front of you, and you can choose between having it in a wrap or as a salad. If you are ever in Ljubljana and looking for a simple, cheap and satisfying supper, I highly recommend a visit here!

Fuelled with falafel, we scouted out a bar for some drinks. We stumbled across a real winner, Centralna Postaja. Centralna had a really relaxed hipster vibe, with the walls showcasing an artist's exhibition. Even the drinks menus were interactive, with the staff encouraging you to use them as note pads!

After a couple of cocktails, we hit the hay! Next morning we awoke to bright sunshine, perfect for our planned bike ride! We hired bikes for the day from the tourist office, and after a wobbly start from me, headed off to explore the city via a different means.

First stop was the National Gallery. 

^ My favourite piece, mainly because it is entitled 'watermelon'!

We biked around for a little longer, stopping every now and again to get a touristy shot. 

Next stop was Tivioli park for a picnic in the sun. We enjoyed the juiciest watermelon ever as part of our selection. 

Refuelled and refreshed, we biked around the rest of the park, before returning the bikes and getting ready for dinner and drinks (naturally). 

Following a recommendation from our tour guide, we felt it a necessity to try the local delicacy of caniolian sausage whilst in Slovenia. Klobasarna was recommended to us as 'the best place in Ljubljana' to sample the dish, so that was where we went!

I am not much of a meat eater, but even I enjoyed this dish, especially with the grainy mustard and horseradish. A must try for anyone visiting the city.

After dinner we checked out the quirky social centre of Metelkova, renowned for it's graffiti and street art.

Following another glorious day in Ljubljana, we headed to our hostel, excited for our visit to Lake Bled the following day (post to follow!)


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