Saturday, 6 June 2015

This Week's Happiness List

This week has been a pretty momentous one for me. After weeks of revising and long days in the library, I have finished exams, and with that University! As of Friday at 12pm I am now a graduand, and couldn't be more relieved! It is a bizarre time, with my emotions being a little all over the place. I cannot work out if I am relieved or anxious about finishing.

From here on out I will be spending a lot more time improving my blog and getting up to lots of fun and frivolities before embarking on my graduate career in September.

Cheers to the weekend!

1. Going for the chop. I decided to get my hair cut in to a long bob, and I am very pleased with it! It feels much bouncier and doesn't fall out all over the place, result!

2. The sun coming out just at the right time. As I left the library a few days this week, the sun was shining and it automatically put me in a better mood.

3. The Head Space app. I downloaded the mindfulness app from the google play store and have been starting every morning with the 10 minute meditation exercises. I feel they really set me up for the day, and it is definitely something I will continue doing.

4. Discovering Soulpancake youtube channel. I had seen the kid president videos before, but in researching forgiveness for one of my exams I discovered the channel and all the wonderful videos there are. I highly recommend the 'science of love' and 'science of happiness' ones. 

5. Completing my final ever exam and with it 17 years in education! I celebrated on Friday night at the Great Gatsby themed summer ball at the guild of students, drinking prosecco and dancing the night away!



  1. Congratulations on graduating and great blog!!!!
    xo Ilbret