Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Egg Cafe

After a morning meeting some of the finest creative types Liverpool has to offer at the Artisans event at the Palm House, all the browsing had worked up an appetite. 

My mum suggested we tried out the egg cafe, a vegetarian cafe which we had discussed before & which she had been doing a bit of internet research on. Neither of us are vegetarians, however, we both appreciate veggie food and I opt to eat meat free the majority of the time. I have recently discovered there is a term for someone like myself, a 'flexitarian', one who eats meat but prefers vegetarian food as a matter of taste and health!

After a wander down Bold Street, we finally managed to locate the hidden gem just off the bustle of the main street. The purple doorway was a dead giveaway, and we ascended the stairs towards the self confessed 'hide away from meat eaters'.

Located in an old Victorian warehouse building, the Egg cafe has a bohemian and simple feel, with a panoramic view of Liverpool to enjoy.

The relaxed atmosphere is echoed as you queue to order before finding a table and waiting with a little number for your order to be called. The menu consists of a number of vegetarian delights, including specials and a soup of the day.

I opted for the spicy bean burger, a firm favourite of mine on Meat Free Mondays (check out my own recipe here). It was served with a loving dollop of relish and generous portions of a variety of salads.

My mum went for the cheese on toast, which has been hailed as some of the best in Liverpool.

The food is simple, natural and healthy, and perfectly fits with the bohemian relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend the Egg cafe for any vegetarians, vegans or even meat eaters who fancy something a little simpler and healthier!


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Artisans in the Palm House

'Creativity takes courage' 
-Henri Matisse

Then boy, do the people of Liverpool have a lot of courage (and creativity!). 

100 Happy Days (Part I)

Recently I signed up to the latest craze sweeping the social networking world. The concept is simple, you must take a picture everyday of something which has made you happy. You then choose a platform to post it on; instagram, facebook, twitter, which ever takes your fancy! The whole idea is that by finding something everyday for 100 WHOLE DAYS which has boosted your mood, made you smile and increased those endorphins. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Playing Tourists at Liverpool Cathedral

I am a sucker for all things touristy. I love taking a slow stroll around cathedrals, museums, art galleries, and all other touristy type attractions. It's what I love about going somewhere new, and the reason I enjoyed my summer inter-railing trip so much, and the reason I am planning round 2 for this summer!

So when James came up for the weekend I thought we should play tourists and visit Liverpool Cathedral, where, despite studying here for a year and a half, I have never visited. It's a fact of life, particularly for students, that we neglect the wonderful attractions right on our door steps. So with this in mind, I want to visit all the touristy places in Liverpool before I graduate!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Ladies That Lunch (For Even Less)

There is no place like home. I've said it before, and I will say it again and again! Last week I did a little hop, skip and jump as Wednesday came around and I headed home for an extended weekend visit (oh the joys of reading week!).

After being reunited with my siblings and parents, my Mother and I headed out to an evening showing of The Book Thief, a film I readily recommend to any book worm or film buff, a beautiful depiction of WW2 from the perspective of a little German girl.