Monday, 22 June 2015

This Week's Happiness List

I spent the first half of the week unpacking all of my belongings from Liverpool and desperately trying to fit it into my room. After an hour or so panic searching I found my passport (phew!) and I am now eagerly awaiting tomorrow as Bex and I head off to Luton to catch our flight to Ljubljana! I cannot wait to share my adventures with you all on here once I am back. 

The sun made a few appearances this week, which as a typical British person, put a smile on my face. Here are this week's little things which made big says:

1. Spending my afternoon off in the garden on Tuesday. After working an early shift, I arrived home, threw open the conservatory doors and spent the afternoon reading Harry Potter on a blanket, drinking home made iced tea. Blissful. 

2. Sorting through my room and coming across my leavers year book. It made me feel a combination of happiness and sadness, but mainly I looked through it thinking what a brilliant time I had at school, and how lucky I am to still be in contact with my wonderful friends. KG army for life!

3. Watching my guilty pleasure, The Only Way is Marbs. I am a bit of a TOWIE fan, and loved the Marbella specials which were on last week. 

4. Strawberry picking at Wymeswold Fruit Farm. I am pretty pleased to have already ticked one off my summer bucket list, but I am hoping to go back again once raspberry season begins in July!

5. Celebrating one of my oldest friends birthdays on Saturday night. Beth held a garden party to celebrate her 21st and, for the most past, the weather held back and we even saw some glimpses of sun!


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