Monday, 8 June 2015

Day Trippin'

On a sunny Sunday (yesterday to be precise!) I boarded a train to make the short trip from Liverpool to Manchester. I made the trip to spend a day with one of my old school friends, Harley, who has recently made the move up North. 

Harley met me off the train, and we squeezed each other and exclaimed in high pitched voices how glad we were to be back together again. There is always something special about seeing a friend after a long time, and being able to really appreciate spending some good quality time together.

As it was my first time in the big M (yes, really!), Harley and I set out to explore some of the touristy hot spots. 

I fell in love with the street art which was scattered across the city, this one being my personal favourite.

High on my list was a visit to Sackville Park, near Canal Street, to see the Alan Turing Memorial. The Imitation Game, a biopic of his life, has become one of my all time favourite films, and I wanted to visit the park in his memory. Some lovely fellow had placed a bunch of flowers in his arms, something which made Harley and I think about how wonderful people can really be!

We wondered around for a few hours, taking in the sites and basking in the sunshine. We took a few wrong turns and had to ask for directions a few times, but it was all part of the fun!

Soon enough, we found ourselves gravitating to the Arndale shopping centre. We snooped around our favourite shops, including a leisurely stroll around Waterstones, one of my 'happy' places. There is nothing better than being surrounded by crisp new books.

Before too long, it was time for me to hop back on the train to Liverpool. We said our goodbyes and took a cheeky selfie to remember the day.

I will end with our favourite quote from the day, found on a card in Waterstones;



  1. Lovely photos Rosie! I love that Gym and Tonic water bottle - that's just too good! Also, I love street art, and that birdie is amongst some of the prettiest I've seen! Sounds like such a lovely day with a good friend :) xx Carly

    1. I think I may have to get it for my gym bunny Mum!
      The street art in Berlin is second to none, have you been?