Thursday, 7 August 2014

Easy Everyday Granola

Granola is the holy grail of breakfast foods. Healthy, filling and speedy, it makes for a super breakfast to keep you going through the long morning ahead. 

However, many shop bought granolas are high in sugar and have many unnecessary added ingredients, therefore a home made granola is the perfect answer. You can control what goes in, swap and change to suit any allergy requirements or food preferences (gluten free oats in place of  regular oats etc).

As a student, cooking and baking on a budget takes priority. Many recipes I found online for home made granolas listed a number of obscure and expensive ingredients, therefore I adapted a few recipes to create a budget friendly, healthy, everyday granola. The main inspiration for my recipe is from Elizabeth Rider.

Raw Salsa

I am a huge fan salsa. A big dollop of chunky fiery salsa goes with almost anything. So, yesterday, I threw together a raw salsa from store cupboard ready ingredients. 

My recipe is an adaptation of this one from the Hairy Bikers, whose Asian adventure I have been enjoying the last few nights on BBC2!

Salsa is such a versatile dish, you can dip corn chips in it, use it to top burgers or as a relish for your salad, the possibilities are endless.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Burghley House Film Festival

Burghley House, a beautiful Elizabethan stately home near Stamford, is one of the gems of the East Midlands. I am a bit of an OAP in my love for visiting stately homes, and Burghley is no exception. 

It was just my then luck when, last week, Burghley House hosted their annual film festival. Burghley host the festival every summer, but this is the first time my friends and I have been.