Sunday, 28 June 2015

Ljubljana Part One // Slovenian Adventure

Friendship is all about sharing. Bex and I both share a love for travelling. Bex spent her gap year travelling around Asia and finishing in New York, and I have spent the past two summers exploring Europe! We decided we fancied a little trip away, and after discussing a few destinations, we decided on Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. 

Ljubljana has come up a lot in travel blogs about underrated cities in Europe, and with cheap flights and a hostel booked, we headed off to explore the unknown.

We arrived to down pours on Tuesday, which continued for the rest of the day and the night! We settled into our hostel dorm and enjoyed the quotes which are scattered around the place.

Despite the poor weather, we ventured out from the hostel to see a bit of Ljubljana and enjoy some drinks and food, before an early night to get us ready for the next few days of exploring.

On Wednesday morning we awoke, showered and breakfasted before heading to PreŇ°eren Square to meet our tour guide for the Free Walking Tour of Ljubljana. We joined a HUGE group of fellow tourists wishing to learn a bit more about the city, and set off following our guide, Marjeta, who informed us all about the history behind the city and it's monuments.

We ended our tour at the Kings of the Cross monastery, which is now used as an outdoor theatre. Marjeta gave us a brief speech about the recent history of Slovenia and Ljubljana, and we ended the tour feeling informed and excited for the rest of our stay!


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