Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sunshine, shopping and sushi!

That feeling of absolute freedom from summer exams and/or coursework is quite unbeatable. If you ever see students happy as can be in the middle of the day, without the indication of alcohol consumption, their exams have most probably just finished! 
The freedom to do whatever you want all day, and all night for a whole 4 months is exciting, but rather daunting at the same time. But before the fear and realisation of what will we do for the rest of the summer, my best friend and I decided to have an adventure day in Liverpool.

After what seemed like years of abstaining from days out, and after a weekend of partying, all we needed was a girly day out. We headed into town with our shades on, happy to see the sun come out and put us in an even better mood (if that was possible!). After browsing the met quarter, we headed to YO! sushi  for a blue monday lunch date. All dishes are £2.50, and as a yo sushi virgin I was pretty amazed by it all. Emma, thankfully, is quite the sushi connoisseur and managed to explain how it all worked & advised me on the best dishes to have. My favourite was the crispy duck futomaki with hoisin sauce, but the chicken katsu was equally delicious, and a big hit for me as I love the wagamamas version.

After our light lunch of sushi we headed into Liverpool 1 to splash some cash on summer outfits. Hollister was like a gold mine with a sale on, and we both got kitted out in summery tops. Emma bought a lovely all-in-one style jumpsuit from Zara, as seen below, which is perfect for those warm but windy summer days in England.

Our wonderful day out was finished with a laze about on the green outside our halls, something we will miss a lot next year! We will have to make do with our new houses patio and some deck chairs for sunbathing!


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  1. rosieeee I love the blog, its verry cutee! Can't wait for you to post about your interrail adventures love Charlie xx