Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tally Ho England, first stop Berlin.

'Not all those who wander are lost'
               - J. R. R. Tolkien

 I have always wanted to travel. I have been lucky enough to visit quite a few places with my family, on school trips, holidays with friends, but got a real itch of the travelling bug when I visited India for a month long expedition. Throughout all these adventures, my twin sister Molly has been by my side (minus one trip to croatia earlier this year!!). It just made sense when we started discussing travel plans for the summer for us to embark on an adventure together. 

After much deliberation and discussion, we finally decided on a route around western Europe, visiting a handful of the major capital cities we had always dreamed of seeing (and one which we couldn't help but return to!). 

Months of anticipation and planning ensued until, finally, our European summer trip finally arrived and we eagerly packed our select belongings into our rucksacks and bundled into the car to head to the airport.

Molly and her larger than life backpack

We boarded our flight to Berlin, Germany, nervous but ready for an adventure. Upon arrival we made our way to the metro and headed to our Hostel at St Christopher's. The first part of German culture which we really wanted to taste was a proper German hot dog. We headed out looking for a cheap but cheerful place to purchase such a thing, and stumbled across a take out with some interesting decorations. As we wanted to explore the neighbourhood surrounding our hostel, we quickly chose our desired dish, both opting for a classic German Frankfurt with sauerkraut and relish. 

She made out with a hot dog (that was one time)

Armed with our hot dogs, we ventured around the Berlin neighbourhood, a beautiful array of houses and little shops greeted us, and we found ourselves dreaming up a life in Germany.

Exhausted from our travelling and long walk, we headed to bed, but not before sampling some German beer and planning our next day sight seeing. 

Refreshed from a beer induced sleep, we awoke early(ish) the next morning ready to get our tourist on. We had found a free walking tour advertised by a company called 'Sandemanns', who come highly recommended as they helped two English girls to find their ways round a few of Europe's busiest cities! 

 Brandenburg Gate

 Holocaust War Memorial

Our wonderful guide was informative and fun, offering a really interesting insight into the history of Berlin. Berlin won us over for having the most interesting history and possibly the friendliest people of all the places we visited!

Our final evening was spent wandering, an art of which we had quickly grasped, and drinking (as demonstrated above), before we got tucked up in our hostel eager to venture back to our favourite city, AMSTERDAM!



  1. lovely pictures!! I wish I could tour Amsterdam as well!! You guys look like you had a blast! :)

    Girls Talk... Fashion, Beauty, and Life!


    1. Thank-you Daniela, we had a wonderful time, the beer was fantastic, and Amsterdam was out of this world.
      Take a look at my post on it if you haven't already.
      Keep reading :)