Sunday, 26 July 2015

This Week's Happiness List

Since my last happiness post 2 weeks ago, a LOT has happened.

I have travelled to Northern Africa with my best friend Emma to explore the streets of Marrakech, lots of posts to follow! It was a real assault on the senses, and we had the most amazing time soaking up the culture, and the 45 degree heat! I am also now officially a graduate! You can call me Rosie McKay BA (Hons) ;). 

Here are the little things (well number 2 is quite a big thing!) which made my week a happier one; 

1. Pampering myself on Tuesday night, before the big day on Wednesday. The best part was the chocolate orange face mask I purchased from Superdrug, honestly the most divine smelling face mask EVER! 

2. Graduating from University of Liverpool on Wednesday with a 2.1 degree in English & Philosophy. It was a truly wonderful day and one which I will cherish for ever. 

3. Being ladies that lunch with two of my school friends on Thursday. We lunched at our favourite place, then headed over for tea at the teaspoon tea company, the cutest little tea shop which serves loos leaf and scrummy looking cakes.

4. Cooking the tastiest meal with James this week. We made a variation of this good food baked fish recipe, swapping the white fish fillets for salmon with red pesto. Good, honest, simple food. 

5. Getting hooked on Arrested development on Netflix. James and I started watching the series this week, and have been watching a few episodes a day so far! In our defence, they are only 20 minutes each.


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