Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lake Bled // Slovenian Adventure

Lake Bled may be one of the most picturesque destinations I have ever visited. The cobbled streets, gothic castle and the beautiful scenery make this a must visit place for any tourists to Slovenia.

On a hot Friday morning, Bex and I boarded the coach from Ljubljana bus station to the Lakes. The 1.5 hour journey mainly consisted of staring out of the window at the beautiful scenery. Once we arrived, we were greeted by another beautiful scene, the Lake itself. 

After a short walk along the lake front, we decided to hire a kayak to allow us to explore the water for ourselves. As budget travellers, this turned out to be a much thriftier way to see the Lake and get up close and personal to the island in the middle. 

Bex was markedly better at kayaking than myself, so I had the job of chief photographer. We marvelled at the houses perched on the waters edge, dreaming about how great it would be to live inside one!

We kayaked our way to the island and all the way around. It really would be the most perfect destination for a spring/summer wedding!

Once we had returned our kayak, we dipped our feet in to the cool water sat atop the floating lido. 
And then Bex went all out, and jumped straight on in!

After a spot more sunbathing, we set off to explore the Lake on foot. Being a typical tourist, I snapped a photo of the pletna boats on the waters edge. 

Next up on our tour of Bled was a trek up to the castle. The 'Blejski Grad' is perched atop a hill, a little like the one in the centre of Ljubljana, therefore allowing for some truly wonderful views on the way up. 

Lake Bled was the perfect way to end our trip, and somewhere I would love to return to for a week of hiking, water sports and lounging around!


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