Monday, 6 July 2015

This Week's Happiness List

As I write this, I am nervously awaiting my degree classification results coming through! So I thought I would write this post to take my mind off it for a little while!

This week has been INSANELY hot in the UK. I have personally loved it, I tried not to moan about being hot as I have spent the past however many months feeling freezing cold 90% of the time! It was nice to sit in the garden with an ice cold drink, my favourite being a cold brewed fruit tea with plenty of ice!

1. Driving again! I have missed being behind the wheel, and being able to drive, even if it is just ferrying my parents around ;), still makes me feel mature and like a real grown up!

2. A family BBQ on Wednesday, the hottest July day on record! We had plenty of salads and I enjoyed some prawn skewers. 

3. A walk in the countryside near my house one afternoon. I fancied getting out of the house for a bit, so headed out in the sun and cleared my head.

4. Lebanese feasting on Friday night. James and I made an array of Lebanese dishes and kindly shared them with my step-dad, who sang our praises non-stop!

5. A typical James & Rosie Sunday filled with baking! We made earl grey shortbread, carrot cake oatmeal cookies and healthy chocolate fudge squares (recipe post to follow). 


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