Monday, 4 May 2015

This Week's Happiness List

I am now fully settled back into life at University, and the weeks seem to be flying by. It is only a month until I finish my finals and just over that till I leave Liverpool for good. This is a very scary thought, but exciting too as it means the start of a new chapter! So, before I get carried away talking about the future, here are the things which kept me happy in the here and now:

1. Cheer awards meal at PanAm. On Monday night, myself and 80 or so cheerleaders headed to Albert Docks to celebrate the end of the cheer year with an awards night and meal at PanAm restaurant. It was a wonderful night, and I can't believe after three years being on the team it is all over!

2. New shoes from New Look. I picked up a lovely pair of pastel heels to wear to the previously mentioned awards night, and using my student discount meant they were pretty cheap too! New Look shoes are the comfiest heels EVERRRR. I must thank Little Miss Katy for her recommendation!

3. Starting to plan some trips away this summer. The excitement is starting to build up now.

4. Using turnitin for the final time! I handed in my last essay for my course on Friday, meaning the only thing standing between me and a degree is one presentation and final exams.

5. A weekend with James. James came to visit me for the weekend and we had a lovely weekend which topped off a fortnight of slaving away at my assignments.


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