Monday, 18 May 2015

Liverpool Bucket List: Moon & Pea

*The above two pictures are taken from the Moon & Pea website

At the beginning of the year, Emma and I sat down and wrote a list of places we wanted to visit before we left Liverpool in the summer. Unbelievably, we only have a few weeks left in this wonderful city, and still quite a few places to tick off. 

After much deliberation, we decided to finally pay a visit to the Moon & Pea on Lark Lane as our next stop on our Liverpool bucket list.

After a leisurely stroll around Sefton Park, we wondered over to the bohemian hub of Lark Lane. Entering the Moon & Pea felt like stepping in to an old friends house. The décor and atmosphere is friendly and inviting. We managed to get a table straight away, quite a feat if the reviews are anything to go by! 

We both marvelled at the décor, a mixture of florals and quirky wall hangings, and got down to scouring the menu.

I opted for the Greek Salad and Emma went for the Sea Bass fillet, both of which were beautifully presented and tasted delicious!

Our visit was made even better by the fact it was acoustic night. The Moon & Pea has a really friendly and welcoming ambience, neither of us wanted to leave!

We finished our meal with pots of tea, and planned our trip to Morocco in July (I am beyond excited!). 

I wouldn't change a thing about this little gem. My only regret is not visiting it any sooner!


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