Monday, 1 December 2014

Happiness Project- 5 Happy Things

As I mentioned in last weeks happiness post, it has been a stressful few weeks. I have had an onslaught of essay deadlines and assessed presentations, so haven't spent much time enjoying myself! 
However, as promised, I have managed to find 5 things which have made me happy this past week (okay, mainly the weekend when all my deadlines had passed!);

1. Last Tuesday the official countdown to Christmas could begin, as the date was the 25th November, a month till Christmas!

2. Hearing the wonderful news that one of my dearest friends, Harley, had become a big sister again to the absolutely gorgeous Milo. I cannot wait to meet him during the Christmas break!

3. Handing in my Philosophy essay on Friday, then watching Gogglebox, snuggled up on the sofa with a G&T and my best friend, Emma!

4. Seeing all the Christmas decorations and getting fully immersed in the festive spirit with a Christmas shopping trip with Emma on Saturday.

5. Meeting up with two of my oldest friends Beth and Jas on Sunday for a coffee and catch up as Beth was up visiting her younger sister from the capital. I love those catch ups you have with true friends, when it doesn't matter how long you've spent apart, it still feels the same and the conversation just flows!

Happy December everyone!


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