Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Happiness Project- 5 Happy Things

This week is proving to be a busy and stressful one, with three deadlines all looming this week, I've been in a state of worry almost constantly, and it's only Tuesday!

So what better time to take a quick study break to reflect on 5 things which have made me happy in the past week:

1. After spending days slogging over my books in the library, I handed in my first piece of assessed written work of final year. Submitting work is always such a great feeling. Even though you have no idea how you've done, it feels like handing the baton on over and saying 'Here you go, I've done my hardest, now it's all up to you!'

2. I visited home for the weekend, and on top of the happiness of seeing my family, James and I cooked up a curry feast on Friday night for my parents. The recipes and spices were all from a curry subscription I got James as a present, from the Spicery, and was great to take time over preparing a meal!

3. Going to watch the Imitation Game. Such a magnificent film, I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a cinema trip any time soon. Benedict Cumberbatch gives a stellar performance as Alan Turing.

4. Meeting with a couple of my nearest and dearest school friends for lunch at our favourite cafe, all in honour of saying farewell to Gee, who is off to California again as a member of the Young Americans.

5. Baking gingerbread biscuits with James on Sunday, all in aid of Movember and helping to raise funds for testicular cancer charities. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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  1. Wow so much in such a short time busy girlie. Jack is going to set up a blog for me so I can blog about diaylisis receipes etc x