Monday, 8 December 2014

Happiness Project- 5 Happy Things

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This past week has been one of the best in a long time. Free from the worry of deadlines and presentations, I was able to relax and enjoy myself, exploring a bit of Liverpool at the same time! Here are five things that have made me happy this past week:

1. Opening the first door of my Disney Frozen advent calendar! This year I have turned into a big kid again in regards to Christmas, and was super excited for the 1st December to roll around.

2. My twin sister, Molly, paid me a flying visit this week, staying over Tuesday night. We shared a much needed catch up, with the highlight being the Transmitting Andy Warhol Exhibition which we went to see at the Tate Liverpool. I love seeing art works in real life, being so close to something which you have heard and read about before, nothing can beat it. 

3. James came up to Liverpool for a long weekend, and on Friday we visited our favourite lunch spot, Bakchich, for some Lebanese feasting! It is in my top five favourite places to eat, and I really do not know what I will do when I have to leave Liverpool and cannot dine there on a regular basis!

4. Visiting the Winter Arts Market at St George's Hall on Saturday with James. I loved looking at all of the arty crafty stalls, especially all the wonderful artists who were showcasing their works. 

5. After rehearsals on Sunday, I went with my Jazz team to Leaf on Bold Street for our Jazz Christmas meal. It was so lovely to sit down and have a girly meal, and I will definitely be visiting Leaf again before Christmas as their Christmas tea selection is heavenly!

Have a lovely week!


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