Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Czeching out Prague

After a largely poor night sleep due to sharing a dorm with a snorer, one of the major downsides of hostels, we headed out for another tour with the Sandeman's free tour company. 
The best way to get around Prague is through buying a 24 hour ticket which allows you use of all trams and buses within the city once validated when you get on the first leg of your journey.

We headed to the Old Town Square where the tour began, and were greeted by the Sandeman's tour guides.

The Old Town Square is truly beautiful, and the astronomical clock is really marvellous. Considering it was built in 1410 and is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world, it really is a piece of Prague history not to be missed.

After an hour and a half of exploring the city, our group stopped at a local pub which served traditional Czech cuisine, including a hearty portion of Bramboracka, a vegetarian soup served in bowl made of soup. 

Our tour continued, taking in the Jewish quarter and surrounding areas.

We finished our tour and had a further explore of the city before heading out for a delicious dinner and some super cheap Czech beers. In Prague beer is cheaper than water!

More on Prague in the next blog post!


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