Thursday, 3 July 2014

East Side Gallery

As mentioned in my previous post, we visited the East Side Gallery, an exhibition of some of the most famous street art work in Germany, and possibly the world.

I think the art speaks for itself, so this is a rather photo heavy post, with lots of snaps of mine and my travel buddies favourite pieces of street art. 

Feeling more cultured after soaking up the Berlin street art, we headed to a river side bar to soak up the last of the days sun rays and enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Whilst everyone else went for a proper German beer, I opted for a national beverage called 'Berliner Kindl Weisse', German Beer flavoured with fruit syrups, making a little less alcoholic, and in my eyes a whole lot tastier!

We dined on the national dish of 'curry wurst', sourced from Curry 36. Curry 36 is often credited as one of the best budget eats in Berlin, I wouldn't argue with this. It was cheap, cheerful and curryish! We ate ours stood at the counters around the outlet.



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