Monday, 27 January 2014

Bakchich Lebanese Street Food

It's official. Lebanese cuisine has won my heart. It may now be my favourite cuisine of all, beating off Indian for the top spot. 

I fell in love at a little place in Liverpool, named Bakchich. My mother popped up to see me for the day, and between shopping and visiting the Hockney exhibition at the walker art gallery, we needed a bite to eat. Roaming Bold Street, we clapped our eyes on Bakchich. After having a quick nosey at the menu outside, we decided this was the place for us, and we submerged ourselves inside. 

It was love at first smell. The restaurant was bustling with diners, but we were seated straight away and handed a delightfully authentic menu. We opted for a mezze sharing platter, available from the starter menu for one or two, but plenty for a lunch time bite. 

During the very short wait for food, we cast our eyes across the decor. We both loved the artwork up on the walls and the array of food to purchase from the front of the restaurant. It really felt like an authentic street food vendor, transporting you to Lebanon through the smells and style of Bakchich. 

Our food arrived, and our eyes widened. 

The most delicious falafel.

Our platter was made up of hummos, baba ghannouj, tabbouleh, falafel (my personal favourite), fattoush salad, mankeesh jibne (sort of like a cheesy bread) served with pickles & home-made flat bread. 

We munched away, enjoying our own food whilst enjoying the spectacular look of all the other food our fellow diners were enjoying. The Shawarma seemed to be a popular choice among the other diners. 

I cannot wait to return to Bakchich in the future, and I know someone who would revel in one of the Shawarma platter plates! If you want to take a look yourself, head to their website or just get yourself down to Bold Street and taste Beirut for yourself!


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