Friday, 14 March 2014

Ladies That Lunch (For Even Less)

There is no place like home. I've said it before, and I will say it again and again! Last week I did a little hop, skip and jump as Wednesday came around and I headed home for an extended weekend visit (oh the joys of reading week!).

After being reunited with my siblings and parents, my Mother and I headed out to an evening showing of The Book Thief, a film I readily recommend to any book worm or film buff, a beautiful depiction of WW2 from the perspective of a little German girl. 

The next day called for some more mother-daughter time. We decided to be ladies of leisure for the day, and headed to Berkeley Arms in Wymondham. During this time of year a handful of the best pubs around the Melton area partake in a lunch for even less scheme, Berkeley Arms being one of them. 

The pub has a proper rural English feel, and after grabbing a drink at the bar we were shown to our table in the restaurant. 

We scanned the menu and made our choices! 

The most important component came first though, the wine!

They automatically top up these glass bottles with ice cold water throughout the meal, wonderful as there is no need to interrupt your conversation to ask for a refill!

We were served fresh hambleton bakery bread, which came out warm with a delicious butter to spread lovingly!

Our starters arrived and I got snap happy.

Cornish Fish Soup with Saffron Mayonnaise and Croutons for Mum, although I did nab a bit of the Saffron dip, despite disliking mayonnaise I really loved this! 

Home Cured Salmon, Pickled Cucumbers and Toasted Sourdough for moi!

Our delicious starters were followed by some fine looking mains. 

Roasted Chicken Breast, Wild Mushroom & Pearl Barley Risotto & Sprouting Broccoli for Mum.

Fillet of Cornish Hake, (a lot o') Mash, Spinach, Local Poached Egg & Mustard Sauce. The egg was poached perfectly, pouring out on to the hake as a pierced it open.

Stuffed to the brim, we paid our bill and headed to the windmill, you can see my earlier post on this here.

After a snoop around the shops we headed up the windmill itself to take in the beautiful countryside view.

A beautiful view to finish off a beautiful day.

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