Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tea at the Windmill

I love rural life. I'm a country girl at heart, and do love living in a little town surrounded by fields and farms. I love being home, spending time with my loved ones and of course sleeping in my own bed! What I love most about rural life are those quintessentially English places. And Wymondham Windmill is one of those.

Perched on the top of a hill over looking the village, the windmill is a hidden gem for vintage and craft lovers, with a number of independent shops selling beautiful bits and bobs.

As I was heading back to university, my Grandma offered to take me out for a light lunch. First stop was the windmill tea rooms.

We sipped our green tea and chatted away, admiring the furnishings and quirky decor of the tea rooms, my favourite being the lamp shade made from tea cups!

We finished up, and headed for the little shops next door.

First up was 'Emily found a thing'

The shop is an aladdin's cave for any creative, jam packed full with handmade gifts and goodies.

We headed next door to 'The Wood Boutique', a newly opened shop filled with wonderful wooden furnishings.

Our final destination was the dress agency. Even with all those vintage clothes, what really caught my eye were these canvas prints, all about wine of course!

Bring on the end of February so I can enjoy a bottle of wine, or two.


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