Friday, 3 January 2014

Dancing on Ice

My friends and I always love a good giggle. 

So what better way to produce some happy hormones than a wintry day ice skating and scouring the January sales!

All wrapped up, we headed over to the Old Market Square for a go at something different, gliding on ice.

Needless to say, a few of us were feeling rather nervous, not naming any names *cough Bex and I cough*! It was a shaky start...

After some words of encouragement from the more stable ones in the group, we managed to find our feet and were soon all swishing around the ice, holding hands of course!

We posed in front of the festive stalls, willing to get some instagram worthy pictures!

And a few silly selfies, naturally.

So we may not be destined for figure skating careers, well maybe for Hattie, but we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. The best thing about being away from home and then coming back for the holidays is that you really learn to appreciate your friends and how much you love them, so this one is dedicate to all my KG girls, including those absent from our day on the ice!

Oh, and happy new year!


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