Sunday, 23 March 2014

100 Happy Days (Part I)

Recently I signed up to the latest craze sweeping the social networking world. The concept is simple, you must take a picture everyday of something which has made you happy. You then choose a platform to post it on; instagram, facebook, twitter, which ever takes your fancy! The whole idea is that by finding something everyday for 100 WHOLE DAYS which has boosted your mood, made you smile and increased those endorphins. 

I've decided to write a blog post half way through my 100 days, to track my happiness and help track my journey to reach my 100th happy day!

I won't bore you with every picture, that would be a loooooong post. So I'm going to pick my favourite days/photos which sum up the past 50 days. 

So lets get started!


With dry January over, my first happy day was almost bound to include some kind of alcohol. Emma, Ellen and I headed to the Font Bar for some cocktails before heading over to Hannah's bar for a few more.


The monthly AU night had come around again. Us cheerleaders dressed as Medusa.

Day 8

Toasting in a rare Friday night at home with my family & James. 

Day 11

My lovely twin paid me a random visit one chilly Tuesday night, so naturally we ventured out for cocktails (I can see a pattern forming here...)

Day 12

The day after the night before. I took Molly out to my favourite eatery, Bakchich on the busy Bold Street.

Day 14

Home made valentines day tapas with James, cheesy cheese straws and all.

Day 21

Photo day with the foxes cheerleaders. With my beautiful jazz girls here.

Day 24

Mrs Carter World Tour part II. I had such a fantastic night, and hope that I get the opportunity to see Queen B a third time!

Day 26

A cheer night out, pictured here with my beautiful friends Vanessa and Becky.

Day 30

A chilled Sunday night in with Becky, Vanessa and Emma, and a bottle (or two) of Zinfandel.

Day 32

Emma and I made a birthday cheesecake for our housemate Jordan. Oreo base, oreo and philly filling, drizzled with chocolate and surrounded by chocolate digestives. It was a sure fire hit. 

Day 34

I spent a long weekend at home following a few essay deadlines, spending some quality time with my family, particularly my lovely Mum.

Day 42

James came to visit me for the weekend, and on Saturday night we headed out for dinner at Zizzi's. 

Day 43

Sunday funday indeed. James and I spent the evening watching Sarah Millican's 'Home Bird' tour at the Philharmonic Hall Liverpool.

Day 46

An orange Wednesday date with Ellen to watch 'Non-Stop' starring Liam Neeson. It was an edge of your seat kind of watch, and I recommend it to any film fan.

Day 47

Day 47 was also International Happiness Day, so I put together a little collage of my family who help to make me happy everyday.

After a very happy 50 days, I look forward to spending the next 50 finding something everyday which has made me smile. If you need a little optimism, and fancy making your glass more half full than half empty, I suggest giving this mood brightener a go!


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