Sunday, 29 March 2015

This Weeks Happiness List

It is officially spring time. The clocks have gone forwards and this evening at 7pm it was still light outside! University has ended for the Easter break and I have officially booked my graduation in July which is a very scary thought. Here are the things which have made me happy this week-

1. Seeing one of my best friends Gee on her birthday. Molly and I went to watch Gee performing on the Young Americans spring tour and it was absolutely phenomenal! We both shed a tear when Gee sang a solo. It was amazing sitting in the audience with all of her family cheering Gee on and seeing her on her 21st.

2. Making shredded nest cakes for our cake stall at the foxy bingo night on Tuesday. We held a bingo and quiz night to raise funds for our big competition next week. I made Easter nest cakes which took me right back to my childhood.

3. Eating yoghurt, sliced apple and cinnamon for dessert this week. It is so tasty and so so simple!

4. Meeting Vanessa and Solange for a drink at Leaf on Bold Street. It was lovely to catch up with the two of them over a pot of loose leaf tea.

5. Celebrating Emma and Ellen's 21st a week early due to the Easter holidays. We had a get together with balloons, banners and Pimms jelly shots!


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