Saturday, 14 March 2015

This Weeks Happiness List

Happy Saturday everyone!

This week began sunny as I set off back to Liverpool from a weekend at James'. Unfortunately, the spring sunshine has not lasted, and we have been experiencing a lot of rain up in the North West. Alas, spring is on hold for a while, but still the temperature is warming up slightly, I even went out without a coat on the other day. Granted, I was wearing a lot of layers but still! 

Here are 5 things which have boosted my happiness this week- 

1. I purchased a new note pad from TK Maxx this week and it has the most lovely pattern. I thought I would treat myself to a nice note pad rather than just a standard lined one as this could potentially be my last one of my university career!

2. When your favourite toiletries are on offer just when you need to re-stock. This is one of those little things which always pleases me, the student and savvy saver in me does a little leap of joy! Superdrug have my favourite daily shampoo and conditioner on offer, and I also picked up a St Ives facial scrub which smells lovely and is gentle on your skin!

3. I started the week feeling pretty low for a couple of reasons. Instead of getting to wound up in it all, I grabbed my colouring book and pens and spent a few hours carefully colouring in! This may sound daft, but its a way for me to relax and unwind, and is so satisfying when you finish a picture. If I were better at drawing/painting I would do that instead, but for now my biggest creative outlet comes in the form of a colouring book.

4. Spending an evening dining out at The Quarter with the Jazz girls. To celebrate one of the dancers birthdays we went for a meal to the lovely bistro style restaurant off Hope Street. The atmosphere and food were great, and the company even better. I will definitely be going back, I haven't stopped raving about it since!

5. Receiving some unexpected post. I returned on Monday to an amazon package, which I speedily opened to see my parents had sent me the Happiness Project journal I have been raving on about. It was such a lovely surprise and really made me smile! 



  1. Love this, it's always the little things that make the difference :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  2. I loved that post!