Thursday, 25 July 2013

Amsterdam, a city of freedom

There's nothing I like more when travelling around than to just simply relax and enjoy myself. I honestly don't think there is anywhere in the world where you can do this quite as well as in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. 

The laid back vibe of Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole had caught our attention a few years ago when we visited Haarlem & Amsterdam with our friends, so this was the one place we (very very slightly) knew our way around. 
Our hostel echoed the laid back/hippy vibe with graffiti on the walls and art down the hall ways. 

We were quick to go out and explore the wonderfully diverse city, experiencing it at the best time possible, the evening.

Our next few days in the city were occupied with art, exploring and the quirky little things Amsterdam has to offer. As our hostel was right in the heart of the city, not far away from the main square with the royal palace (Visit St Christopher's hostel website, we highly recommend them) it was a walk in the park to get around. 

Following another fantastic free tour with Sandemann's, we chose the Van Gogh Museum as a must see destination for our visit, and it DID deliver.

I need this lounger for my room!

To round off our trip, we spent our last night the only way we know how, with some local delicacies and a night on the tiles. 

The backpack, every travellers best friend

Following a recommendation, Molly and I headed to the Pancake Bakery near the Anne Frank Huis. We licked our lips as we read over the menu, perched on a cute little bistro table on the canal front. 

I chose the bacon and apple pancake, while Molly went for the chorizo & cheese version. As much as I enjoyed mine, I must admit I got slight food envy as Molly's was absolutely divine. The best pancakes we have ever ever tasted. 

Suitably stuffed, they may not look like much but they are definitely a tummy filler, we reminisced over our trip so far over one too many drinks in the bars. Our verdict on Amsterdam was unanimous, without a doubt we would be back, and we would be having another pancake!


  1. haha love that giant clog!! i still haven't been to Amsterdam but it is on my list of places to see.

    great post hunny some fab pics too.


    1. Hello Lisa,
      Glad you enjoyed the post. I fully recommend Amsterdam, been twice now and cannot wait to return! St. Christophers is the perfect place to stay on a budget too!
      Next post is on Paris so please take a look :)