Monday, 27 April 2015

This Week's Happiness List

Following a long break at home for the Easter holidays, this week saw me return to Liverpool to begin my final stretch of the University term before finishing finals in June and graduating in July. I am still in denial that I am going to be going in to the big wide world come September, and have spent a lot of this week making initial plans to go to a host of different places this summer to make the most out of my last ever long summer holiday.

Everyone living in the UK will know how wonderful the weather has been this past week, which for me at least is an instant mood enhancer. I must apologise for being so terribly British as two of my happy things this week revolve around the weather! So here goes;

1. Upon returning to Liverpool on Sunday, I was greeted at Lime Street station by beautiful weather. The sun shone as I walked home, and I took the time to take in as much vitamin D as I possibly could! 

2. An Ocado delivery. Now this is the stuff which dreams are made on. I have never used the service for myself before, but at home we regularly get Ocado deliveries, and with limited time due to assignments and empty cupboards after the Easter break, I decided to treat myself. The treat was made extra special thanks to the 25% off on your first order. Go on, I know you want to!

3. Eating lunch al fresco on Abercromby Square to break up the long library days. 

4. Glorious! Soup. In the previously mentioned Ocado shop I ordered a few pots of the San Antonio Fiesta soup. It lives up to the name, fiery and flavoursome in equal measures. 

5. Every part of Friday. I had a productive morning doing my assignment, followed by afternoon tea at Panoramic 34 with Emma, and then spent the evening at a party in celebration of Becky's 21st birthday! One of the best Fridays I've had in a long time. 


  1. I hope that your long summer will include some time with me lb DD xxx

  2. I hope that your long summer will include some time with me lb DD xxx

  3. Love happiness posts! I did one not too long ago on my blog :)

  4. This is so very shiny and happy and it's glorious! The sunshine really does make everything better - that and posh groceries delivered straight to your door! Hope this week has been as awesome for you.
    M x Life Outside London