Sunday, 5 April 2015

This Weeks Happiness List

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. I hope your day is filled with chocolate, family time and happiness. With it being the Easter holidays, I am home for a few weeks, and looking forward to spending time with my family and KG friends, as well as earning some money working. 
After a celebration packed weekend, I returned to Liverpool on Sunday night for a week of training (more on that later!), before making the trip back down South again for Easter!

1. Dining out with Anna and Becky on Monday night at Bistro Jacques. With us all staying in Liverpool to train for our competition at the end of the week, we decided to treat ourselves to a meal out. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere, with friendly staff and delicious dishes. Unfortunately, we skipped with 2 courses and a bottle of wine for £16.95 due to aforementioned training, but will definitely be taking up this offer soon!

2.  Enjoying a cocktail at Revolutions on the Albert dock, looking across the dock and sipping on a raspberry & basil mojito, what more could you wish for.

3. Celebrating 4 years with James. Although we couldn't be together on the day, it made me really happy to wake up to a phone call from James on Wednesday to wish me a happy anniversary, and thankfully we have been able to spend this weekend together! Here is to four more years!

4. BCA Nationals Cheer and Dance competition on Thursday, which saw my team and I win our category (Jazz dance), making us National Champions. The day was wonderful, and obviously coming away with the top prize and a HUGE trophy topped it all off.

5. M&S Easter eggs. As I am back working at the M&S Nottingham store for Easter, I have been enjoying looking at all the amazing Easter treats. The eggs are really phenomenal this year, some of them are like works of art! I hope to get one for a bargain next week to try!



  1. I love the idea of a happiness list! I might have to do one too :) maybe in a journal or even a blog version, I bet it's nice to reflect on all the things that made you smile that week, them moments can go a miss sometimes x

  2. Lovely week! Working in M&S sounds incredibly dangerous, surrounded by all that delicious food. I think I'd gain a dress size every week! x