Sunday, 26 April 2015

Afternoon Tea at Panoramic 34

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour* dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” 

- Henry James
* or three hours in our case!
What better way to celebrate a 21st than with tea and cake?!

For Emma's birthday I booked us in for afternoon tea at Panoramic 34, a restaurant famous for it's magnificent views of the Liverpool skyline. After a morning of working in the library, we met up and practically skipped down to West Tower, excitedly nattering about what was in store for us. 

We arrived and were swiftly seated, and sat in awe at the incredible view in front of us.

After careful contemplation, we both opted for the blackberry and elderflower tea, and waited anxiously for our afternoon tea to arrive. 

The sandwich and cake selection was served beautifully on a tiered stand. Naturally, we started from the bottom with the sandwiches. My favourite one was the cucumber one, and Emma loved the salmon and cream cheese offering.

After nibbling our way through the dainty sandwiches, we moved on to the scones. Naturally, the cream and jam debate came up, but I had to let Emma down on this one as I am not a cream fan and usually just apply a generous amount of jam to my scones!

The final offering came in the form of a mixture of miniature baked delights. The vanilla and chocolate macaroon was by far my favourite, while Emma sang the praises of the mini lemon loaf with a lemon icing. 

After finishing and asking for the bill, the waiter came over with a little surprise for Emma, a birthday plate fit with the most delicious chocolates a top. 

We left with smiles on our faces (and a doggie bag with the leftovers!), happy to have crossed another restaurant off of our Liverpool bucket list and celebrated Emma's birthday all in one!



  1. What a special friend you are Rosie as I already know as you are such a special niece xx

    1. Thank-you :) I told Emma I will take her to castle cottage when she comes to visit me this summer! x