Sunday, 3 August 2014

Burghley House Film Festival

Burghley House, a beautiful Elizabethan stately home near Stamford, is one of the gems of the East Midlands. I am a bit of an OAP in my love for visiting stately homes, and Burghley is no exception. 

It was just my then luck when, last week, Burghley House hosted their annual film festival. Burghley host the festival every summer, but this is the first time my friends and I have been.

Molly, Bex and I packed cherry (our fiat 500) full of picnic food, prosecco and picnic attire and headed over to Burghley. We had a snoop around the grounds, then unloaded the car to get ready to set up our camp for the evening.

We set up our picnic, lay down the blankets and unfolded our camping chairs, ready for a movie night with a twist.

We dined on an array of picnic bits and pieces, including this delicious strawberry, walnut and feta salad.

Naturally, we cracked open a bottle of prosecco.

The first film started up and the whole audience was silent as Audrey Hepburn graced our screens in Breakfast At Tiffany's, which was followed by the absolutely romantic The Notebook.


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