Sunday, 20 April 2014

West Country Baking

The only thing better than baking is baking with old family recipes. Due to it being the Easter holidays, my sisters and I were back together again. My Auntie, and avid baker, DD invited us over for a girly day of baking West Country recipes. Our Great Grandma Kitty lived in Devon, also a tip top baker, and passed on some of her recipes down to my Auntie. Everyone in our family holds fond memories of Grandma Kitty's baking, the smell used to waft through her house, and apparently hardly a day went by when she was cooking up something in her little kitchen. 

All aproned up and ready to bake! 

First on the list of delights to prepare were Grandma Kitty's famous Devonshire yeast splits. Hailed as the original cream tea, these scone style bakes are perfect with butter or topped with a little jam!

Auntie DD taught us all how to make a good dough, how to knead it and then the exciting bit, watching it prove!

Next up, Cornish Saffron Buns. These are a popular west country bake and Grandma Kitty's recipe makes the most delicious buns!

After a morning of preparing our west country bakes, and with the yeast splits and saffron buns safely in the oven, it was time for a well deserved drink.

Auntie DD served up some bucks fizz and we stepped out into the glorious British sunshine for a natter.

After our first al-fresco lunch of 2014, we checked up on the bakes and started prepping for our final bake, creme egg brownies!

These creme egg brownies are Molly and I's latest speciality bake, we've made them 3 times already this Easter! Such a good gift for friends and family around this time of year!

After a wonderful day baking and catching up, we headed home with a car full of goodies to share. Here is to old family recipes and reminiscing about those we miss by doing the things they love. 



  1. impressive baking there rosie! all look absolutely delicious :)


  2. We had a great day and I have more of Grandma Kitty's receipes to share. So hope your upto another baking day soon. Love you Rosie DD xxxxx