Monday, 21 April 2014

Come Dine With Me Dinner

Come Dine With Me is one of my guilty pleasures. Molly, James and I decided to have a crack at our own version. We decided to do it all in one, a course each. James chose the starter, Molly the main and I did the pudding.

We set the table, made name cards, menus and even score sheets!

First up was James' effort. He had made a twice baked goats cheese souffle, a very adventurous choice. It was delicious, a perfect consistency and taste. It sat alongside an apple and walnut salad.

We followed our first course with a game of 'who am I'. You give each other a post it note on with the name of a famous person/character and have to ask one another questions to guess who you are.

Next up was the main cooked by Molly. Her course was named 'Darling Aubergine Dahl with chapati', a recipe adapted from the Save with Jamie recipe book. It had a really authentic taste, an enjoyable vegetarian curry!

For the pudding I made a dish I lovingly named 'Ooh, what a lovely pear', which consisted of poached pears, greek frozen yoghurt and home made chocolate sauce, sprinkled with crushed nuts. Unfortunately, we all forgot to take a picture!

After some more games, we scored each others efforts. James and I came joint second, with Molly taking the top spot!

An enjoyable evening which will be repeated in the summer!


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  1. please can I come next time lv DD xxx