Friday, 15 November 2013

We believe we can fly

You're flying without wings!

I am a sucker for unusual gifts. I love getting someone something which is different and they would least expect. I tend to stray well away from the ordinary socks/tie/aftershave for James, and last Christmas I got him a voucher for a day of indoor skydiving! 

After some nagging, I finally managed to get James to book it, and last week we headed down to Airkix in Milton Keynes for an alternative kind of date. 

We arrived in plenty of time and grabbed a quick coffee. I enjoyed my first ever skinny gingerbread chai latte, and I am hooked!

Now was time to be given our safety talk and be debriefed, then get our kits on.

Oh so flattering ;)

Next we headed to the viewing area, and watched the experts zooming around the tunnel, pulling shapes and making formations, they make it look so easy. 

As the skydivers finished up, we were told to get our goggles and helmets on.

Don't we look funny!

We all scuttled in to the 'performance' sort of area, and sat on the bench nervously awaiting our turn to have a fly. I was first up, and terrified to start with!

The feeling of nerves soon faded when I found myself pushed up in to the air, it really is like flying! Getting the positioning right is harder than you would think, but I never wanted my flight to end.

Next up was James. 

What a natural.

Once everyone had two flights, we watched our instructor do a bit of showing off, it really was brilliant to see the skills you can gain if you kept going back, and could you think of a more fun way to stay in shape?

We got our certificates and a dvd, which we hurried home to watch.

I recommend Indoor Skydiving to anyone who likes a thrill, perfect for an alternative gift for a friend/family member. They even do a family package so you can all do it together. Visit the website if you are interested and take a sneaky look at the pictures/videos to see if you fancy a go.


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