Friday, 2 August 2013

Our love affair with Paris

'Paris is always a good idea'
- Audrey Hepburn

With our European adventure now well under way, Molly and I headed to the city of love as our next stop. We were greatly anticipating our trip here due to the extent at which people rave about the city. And we were not left disappointed.

We spent our first evening in the city of love with our own loves, food and novels! We sat by the river behind our hostel, another St Christopher hostel, we were becoming regulars! Munching on baguettes and brie from the local supermarket we soaked up the evening rays and read our books along with the many many other sun seekers sat along the river. 

Our hostel was the building on the left

We spent the rest of our time in Paris eating and sight seeing, well what else is a tourist to do?! Another free tour by Sandeman's was our starting point, our tour guide Anne-Marie was wonderfully bubbly and made 3 hours of walking much more exciting than it sounds.

Our favourite spot was Ponts Des Arts, better known as the love lock bridge right next to the Louvre. We watched loved up couples binding little locks to the bridge, forever binding their hearts together, and listened to a trio performing songs from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack!

Next stop was the Louvre. We decided to play proper tourists and took some classic poses next to the Pyramids. 

The sticky heat had started to get to us, but that wasn't going to stop us completing one of our all time bucket list moments, climbing the Eiffel Tower. Hopping up the stairs, we couldn't wait to take in the views at the top, and they were so worth it!

The rest of our day was spent walking to Arc De Triomphe and finally making our way back to the hostel for a quick dinner and some much needed vino!


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