Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Our Parisian love deepens (Montmatre's fault)

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With our previous day in Paris engulfed with trips to the most recognisable landmarks and areas of Paris, Molly and I decided to spend our second day exploring a more cultural part of Paris, the famous district of Montmatre.

This area of Paris is most renowned as the artists corner, many famous artists lived and painted in this neighbourhood, our favourite being Vincent Van Gogh! 

We climbed the steps to reach the top and get a good view of La Basilique du Sacre Coeur. Turning around revealed the most beautiful view of Paris, so we sat and pondered along with the many, many tourists nearby.

We wondered down a side street and found ourselves in the most amazing square, Place du Tertre. Artists displaying their work lined the pavements and we spent a while admiring all their work and soaking up the summer sun! This is a real haven for art lovers, like my sister and I, and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Paris.

All the walking around had made our tummies start to grumble, so we headed down the hill and found the first place we could selling our favourite French delicacy, escargots (or for the bilingually challenged, snails!). French fries and snails to share, you can't get more French than that!

The rest of our day was occupied with wondering around French patisserie's, and we found the most amazing creations in one Chocolatier, 'Maison Georges Larnicol', which had hidden inside a sculpture of Notre Darme made solely from chocolate, incredible and edible!

Our time in Paris was coming to a close, so we dined that evening on brie, baguettes and macaroons and listened to a lovely violinist in the gardens of the Louvre. And now we know why everyone falls in love with Paris, because we were now infatuated and about to be left heartbroken as we said our fond farewells!

Au revoir