Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Real Food Market at Southbank Centre

London is a dream world for foodies. Being such a multicultural city, London boasts pretty much every cuisine in the world, tightly crammed into the bustling streets of the city. 

If you want a proper foodie venture, a real food market is the place to go.

James and I hotfooted down to Southbank on Friday, where the Real Food Market had been set up, right by the river. 

The market is a showcase of 40 stalls of producers, celebrating and supporting local businesses and start-ups. Our research had promised us the very best of fresh food and the most creative vendors on the street food scene, and we were far from disappointed.

I know you are all dying to sample the best of street food, so let's delve in!

The market is a haven for any adventurous foodie. 

From French Duck confit burgers to 'Koshari', a chickpea based Egyptian street food, there is something for every palate.

The scent of spices and slow cooked meats pulled us in to the next stall. James is a big meat eater, and we both listened intently to the lovely lady informing us about how long she had marinated and slow cooked the joints of lamb, day dreaming about how the meat would just fall apart. 

There weren't just savoury dishes being offered. The sweets and treats were abundant, just look at these colourful and cute doughnuts!

British reared burgers were a popular choice. The guys at the stall cooked the burger to your liking, then topped with which ever cheese/salad/sauce you wished for. I loved the way they used a spoon to scoop out the cheese from the rounds, like a savoury ice-cream!

Now, you may remember me mentioning my love for Lebanese/Middle Eastern cuisine? After discovering a new favourite cuisine almost a year ago, I have been a firm advocate of all things falafel. So, you will share in my delight upon discovering a Lebanese stall, groaning under the weight of numerous mezze dishes. 

However, I had to be patient and resist the urge to dive in to all the goodies, as we had promised ourselves to view all the available options before making our decision. Bit intense for a conversation about lunch, but us foodies don't take these decisions lightly!

It's not all street food vendors. There was also a number of grocery stalls, selling the most beautiful and vibrant veggies and fruit I've ever seen.

After manoeuvring our way around all the stalls, it was decision making time.

As predicted, I headed straight back to the Lebanese stall. I went for a mezze box which allowed me to pick three dishes to try. After much um-ing and ah-ing, I chose the village-style tabbouleh, roasted artichoke salad and hummus, all served with flat bread.

James went for something more meaty, a slow cooked lamb naan. Served in a freshly made naan bread, spread generously with raita, topped with the lamb and fresh salad. 

We sat on the riverside, enjoying the surprisingly warm October sun and munching on our finds.

If you are ever in London when the Southbank Centre is holding a real food market, I highly recommend a visit. 

Bon Appetit!


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