Monday, 9 September 2013

Flowers in our hair at Godiva Festival

I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

Once I had finally got over my european travel blues and started my summer job, I decided a weekend away to see my university best friend was a must. 
Luckily enough, my visit to see Emma collided with the Godiva music festival in Coventry, just down the rode from Emma's home. We dressed up in our summer brights and headed down to the festival, excited to drink the day away. I'm not a fan of big festivals (shock horror). The concept of 5 days without washing, camping and being hungover isn't really my cup of tea, so a day festival is an absolutely fabulous alternative!

The line up was many local and under the radar acts. As a free festival, Godiva allows the festival atmosphere for people of all budgets, and as students we grabbed the opportunity to drink and dance the day away. 

Our favourite act was Lucy Rose, whose beautiful sensual voice was perfect to listen to while relaxing with an ice cold beverage. 
However the best bit for us was the silent disco in the dance tent, where we boogied along to the songs, but could still have a chat if we took our headphones off, awesome!

Outfit wise, we dressed for the heat with myself wearing a loose fitted graphic tee from hollister, combined with denim hot pants from ye olde faithful primark. My straw bag is also a primani special. 
Emma looked wonderfully summery in her floral jumpsuit from the Zara S/S13 collection.

Godiva festival was a great summery FREE festival and I hope to return next summer, if Emma will have me back that is! Here is the web link if you are interested in having a butchers


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