Sunday, 8 September 2013

Final destination, Roma!

When thou art at Rome, do as they do at Rome
- Miguel de Cervantes 

Our european summer trip was almost over, and our last stop was none other than Rome. We enjoyed our last interrailing train journey discussing what we had planned, and munching on olive breadsticks!

Arriving at our last hostel/campsite, we soon searched down the pool and had a relaxing hour or two just watching the world go by.

Dinner was soon on the cards, and when in Rome we had to eat pizzas, of course!

Our second day in Rome was spent exploring the wondrous landmarks, and the place we longed to see the most, Vatican City. 
Since we were young, Molly and I have always been fascinated by religion, and the history of worship. Ever since first watching Angels & Demons, we have been longing to go and see Vatican City and explore the vast history behind it. Today was our lucky day, we were finally going to witness it first hand!

For obvious religious reasons, a lot of the Vatican cannot be photographed, including the Sistine Chapel, so I highly recommend a visit here to anyone visiting Rome, particularly architecture and art fans, like myself!

Obviously while in Rome we had to explore the Colosseum and the beautiful fountains it is so famous for!

Lunch, of course, was on the cards and we slided into a little side street for some yummy Italian goodies. I went for seafood spaghetti, fit with mussels and clams in shells, so authentic and just how I like it! Molly had the quote 'best pizza of all time', with the best topping being the parma ham!

That is all from our European travels. 
Until next time, Europe, we love you and miss you dearly!


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